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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cupcakes and concepts…

The three way design team is split geographically between the glorious counties of Gloucestershire, East and West Sussex. Fortunately, two of us (as you can see) live very close to one another, so it was decided that Alex and I begin the design work together, getting a concept sorted before running it past the other eyes of the team.

So scribbles in hand, I drove over the Alex’s on yet another grey day in winter to have our first design meeting.

As I was brought up good and proper I will not lie. I was very worried that we would have completely different ideas and the whole exercise would be a nightmare. What if we were coming from different angles? Could we combine our ideas into one design?

Nervously, we both scattered our inky ramblings, sketches and concept images onto the kitchen table, amongst the tea and chocolate cupcakes.

We had very similar ideas. Patterns were from the same pot if not exactly the same, so we overscribbled our scribbles and decided to each solidify our designs and bring them together using the wonders of Computer Aided Design.

The design had begun…

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