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Monday, 26 April 2010

Personal Planting…

Just as everyone has a favourite colour, everyone has a favourite plant, or at least a very good idea of what they don’t like.

Designers are no different. We all have plants we like to work with, we know well and we know how to combine with another. We all have a palette that feels comfortable and speaks of who we are as designers. There are always wild cards that creep into planting lists year to year, some of which stay to become firm favourites and others that pass with the seasons, but generally, each designer’s style is different.

And this is part of the reason why the planting list cull was actually quite difficult. Three designers, three palettes and three styles.

But no designer is an island, and the garden had to be clothed in plants that would suit the space.

Red pen ruthlessly struck through plants until a single sheet of A4 remained. A second striking followed a week later and finally the list felt complete, cohesive and correct.

Nurseries were rung, enquiries made and plants reserved.

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