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Monday, 26 April 2010

A material girl…

Just as the plants form the flesh of a design, the hard landscaping materials play an equal part. An unsuitable material can play havoc with a space and throw the whole garden in a completely different direction.

There are so many things to consider with materials.

Of course, the appearance is the first thing to decide – rustic or urban? Reclaimed? Smooth or textured? Large format or tiny setts? Colour? Material? Natural or manmade…..

Then there is location and provenance – where do they come from? Are they recycled / reclaimed? How far do they have to travel? Can they be easily removed for relocation after the show?

Gradually, the list was formed and samples were ordered from Bradstone – one of the show garden sponsors.

Selections were made and orders were placed.

Things were coming together…

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